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My mission is to enable clients to use OKR as a lever for cultural and business transformation. When implemented right, OKRs can help build a high performance culture.

I can help you with

Goal Digging Workshop

Ideal for: Executive Leadership Teams, Founders of Startups, Accelerators.

Beneficial for anyone that wants to learn about OKRs before committing to the framework. This session helps evaluate if it is a good fit for your organization.

Typical duration: 4-hour workshop.

Champions Coaching

Ideal for : Teams and organizations of all sizes, who have decided for OKR and are keen on self implementation.

Beneficial when organizations have motivated individuals that will be OKR Champions. OKR Champions are the evangelists within the organization that will ease the cultural change. Their mission is to ensure that the organization has continued success with OKR. They will be the processual guard for timelines, preparations, and OKR implementation.

Typical duration: Two workshops over two days. One to train the executive team and the other for OKR champions. The champions will take upline objectives and help internal teams develop their OKRs.

It also includes office hours for validation of organization OKRs, team OKRs and weekly remote check-ins for three months. This ensures the creation of high-quality OKRs and effective adoption of the capabilities developed during the training. 

The approach is modular and custom to meet your needs. Adding workshops or coaching period is simple.

A3 at scale

Ideal for : Teams and organizations of all sizes that want a full scale tailored OKR implementation.

Beneficial when you have decided for OKRs, but do not want to or cannot plan with your own resources to implement it. Either you are trying to minimize the risks of a cultural change or internalize the process as fast as possible. The good news is that OKRs do not need a huge team of consultants. It is a mindset change.

My Proprietary approach is A3 – Align, Achieve & Assess. A straightforward method that results in smooth and agile implementation. I design your OKR process, train and coach your teams until they take over full control.

Typical duration: It includes the creation of OKRs at organization and team levels. I coach alignment all the way from the executive team to each layer and across teams within the organization. After the first 90 day cycle, we will review & retrospect your first OKR cycle together. Then prepare your second cadence.

It also includes building OKR champions within the organization that will self sustain the framework after two quarters. Weekly remote check-ins for three months with them and unlimited phone calls/ email for full support ensures the agile adoption of OKRs by the organization.

Reboot Coaching

Ideal for : Executive sponsors, OKR Project Leaders or OKR Champions.  You run OKRs already but you are not satisfied with both performance and outcome of OKRs.

Beneficial for anyone who has implemented OKRs through literature, online videos or adoption of an OKR platform. You have the basics down but not experiencing optimal results.

Or you are the satellite office of a global enterprise. Other regions successfully practice OKR but your teams are facing difficulties aligning.

This format helps you to get the right answers and advice for your particular situation. I address your open questions, show best practices, challenge your current system or help you to get your quality level up. To bring your existing OKR process to the next level, we can conduct face-to-face workshops.

Typical duration: Can range from a couple of hours to days. It is completely modular and depends on your needs.

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