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A goal setting framework for thinking big

Organizations striving for business agility and talent alignment are increasingly adopting a different approach for goal setting, created in Silicon Valley.

Made famous by John Doerr, it has been successfully adopted by great companies such as Google, Spotify, LinkedIn and Reliance.

What does it really mean?

OKRs describe a limited set of objectives and key results, in order to set focus for the organization and individual teams.

O = objectives

The objectives (O) is a motivating description of the key priorities you want to focus on.

  • It’s the big idea. Why are we doing this?
  • It’s always ambitious, even a tad uncomfortable
  • It’s easy to remember

KR = key results

Key results (KRs) describe a very specific, measurable path, towards the achievement of these objectives.  The process to get there includes bottom up input of team members. 

  • It’s the GPS. How are we getting there?
  • It’s quantifiable. Marissa Mayer famously said: “It’s not a Key Result unless it has a number”.
  • It results in objective grading.

Anatomy of an OKR

What’s the benefit?

Can you name your strategic priorities? In all probability most of your teams cannot. People have 2080 hours to contribute to priorities but most don’t understand them.

 A 2018 MIT Sloan Management Review demonstrated that only 51% of top teams and 13% of frontline leads could name their organizations’ priorities.

OKRs deliver two set of valuable results

How do you measure?

Grade Ratings for each key result are done at the end of each quarter.

0.0 = result was a failure

1.0 = the result was a complete success.

Most results should land in 0.6-07. The sweet spot for OKRs is somewhere in the 60-70% range.

Scoring lower may mean the organization is not achieving enough of what it could be. Scoring higher may mean the aspirational goals are not being set high enough.

  • However scores matter less than the process.
  • Scoring is transparent, even the CEO score their OKR for the entire organization to see. That’s what reinforces the commitment.
  • Results are typically divorced from compensation. Rewards and recognition mark the retrospective ritual.

How does it work?

Not surprisingly, there are several different interpretations of OKRs out there and not all result in successful adoption. I have developed a straightforward method that is easy to follow and agile.

A3 to scale

Creating OKRs with 360 degree alignment across organization objectives and all teams

Proactive coaching with dedicated weekly hours and unlimited spot training for best results

Support retrospective session for each team to measure and refresh OKRs for next cycle

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Nruthya Madappa

Managing Partner - CoWrks Foundry

“Sienam is a sales powerhouse. I have had the pleasure of watching her in action both as a phenomenal sales leader and a dynamic executive coach. Her expertise, depth of insight and ability to draw the hidden potential out of sales leaders is unmatched. Her sessions are rigorous, incisive and profoundly intentional. While our founders and their companies have grown exponentially under her training, so have the rest of us who watch from the sidelines. Sienam Lulla is what every executive team and revenue organization needs.”

Bilal Chaglani

CEO BotSpace

“OKR - Sienam’s OKR session was very engaging and the importance of planning, executing, tracking and improvising tasks with OKR’s was appropriately conveyed. We are so glad to have received the opportunity to attend OKR driven sales planning session of Sienam. I believe she saved us hours of planning, that we would have required if we had done it without her guidance. Thanks a lot.”

Momy Saikia

Managing Partner -Suchitha

“Sienam inspires with her own story. Often we overlook the simple yet imperative considerations while managing business and resources and need someone to remind us and help us reevaluate our approach. Sienam's session was insightful and relevant.”

Vikshut Mundkur

Co-founder & CEO- Huviair Technologies

“This B2B sales session opened our eyes up to the most effective approach to B2B sales. We now have a clear and concise methodology that we follow for B2B sales and we're beginning to see the results! Sienam has done it all and her coaching methods reflect that.”

Ajay Tiwari

CEO - Happylocate

“Before I attended Sieman’s session on OKR, I had casually heard of the term. I am glad I learned them through her. I call it a proficient art of planning and executing business. Thanks, Sienam for delivering the knowledge your way.”

Smit Raturi

CEO- ValetEZ

“In the session for creating org design for competitive strategy, it was very helpful to understand different kind of company cultures and structures and how it is important to create the correct structure in the early days of the firm. Sienam’s personal experience across different roles adds great value to session.”

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